“Giacomo strikes me as possessing
the type of artistic temperament
granted to a select few in any
generation; for whom music is not
merely a discipline to be refined
and mastered, but essentially a
vocation. He has the inner conviction
of the born artist.”

Paul Galbraith, Basel 2016

“(…) His general quality of
interpretation and performance
places him among the most 
advanced young guitarists having
met my attention.”

Oscar Ghiglia

“By now everyone is used
to the amazing technical
abilities of the latest generation
of guitarists, a lot fewer, on the
other hand, are accustomed to
their truly exquisite musical
qualities. Well, Susani succeeds
in putting these latter qualities
ahead of the former, resulting
in his first recording aving an
excellent outcome.”

Mario Riboni, “Amadeus” no. 308

(…) Susani shows, through
a programme of great
depth and difficulty,
an artistic personality
of very significant quality.
We are firmly convinced
that Susani has an
important career ahead of
him and a place of honour
amongst some of the most
important performers.”

Francesco Biraghi,
“Il Fronimo” n.171

Giacomo’s composition work

is of a very high standard.

In my view, his compositions

will make an important contribution

to the guitar repertoire

of the future.

Steven Goss